Game Designer FSKU

Responsibilities Tune and balance content you’re developing; extend those systems to realize new visions for gameplay and improve player experience. Gather, acknowledge, and respond to internal feedback, adjusting design choices as necessary. Ensure all your content is well-organized and easily updated by other team members. Work on multi-disciplinary teams to conceptualize and build exceptional game content. […]

Project Manager Intern

Responsibilities Collaborate closely with the Lead Game Producer to ensure project objectives and team efforts are aligned. Assist in coordinating cross-functional teams, including Designers, Programmers, Artists, and Quality Assurance personnel, to facilitate effective collaboration and communication. Help create, maintain, and update project schedules, milestones, and task assignments to keep the project on track. Aid in […]

Game Animator

Responsibilities Create game-ready 3D animations for characters, environments/props, and VFX. Create game-ready rigs for 3D models. Collaborate with fellow team members to produce in-game cinematic. Integrate and set up game animation data in the game engine. Collaborate with fellow artists, team leads, tech, and design teams to produce believable characters and creatures. Requirements First-hand knowledge […]