Outsourcing Staff

We are looking for full-time Outsourcing Staff Intern to assist our business development and vendor management efforts. Our ideal candidate would be someone with excellent communication skills (both verbal and written, in English and Bahasa Indonesia), a well-organized, a self-starter mindset, and having interest in the game / entertainment industry. Responsibilities Find and shortlist qualified […]

Art Director

Responsibilities Define, hold, and drive artistic vision in line with the overall product direction Create a unified and consistent visual style for art team to follow Drive the creation of art and ensure that a unified vision is maintained and that artists have clear benchmark for asset production Lead the delivery of high-quality art assets […]

Production Support

Intern for Production Support will assist Rythm with the Production Department’s day-to-day operations. He/ She will have a chance to learn about Production Processes in Game Industry and Project Management Responsibilities Support Departments Initiative and Achieve Goals Support day-to-day to building up Document and database Assist Production Department to track the development process on Ongoing […]

[Mythic Protocol] Enemy 3D Artist

Description Mythic Protocol is a gameplay-first franchise built on top of Web3 technologies. It is architected to maximize collaboration and revolutionize the way we play, create, and invest. In a world that features continuously evolving supernatural elements, it enables you to work hand-in-hand with other gamers from all over the world and observe your assets […]

VFX Artist

Responsibilities Create, design, and implement various real-time special effects that will help players understand and add atmosphere to our game’s gameplay. Maintain the balance between visual satisfaction and gameplay clarity to ensure the intended effects are accurately representing the given action or state. Create aesthetically astounding visual effects that communicate essential game information and capture the […]

Game Producer

Responsibilities Manage project lifecycle, from the start of the project until delivery Coordinate the project plan, timeline, and activities with the development team of different disciplines: art, game design, technical, QA, and others Manage issues and risks associated with the project, including balancing scope, schedule, budget, quality, and risks. Monitor and track the progress of […]

UI Artist

Responsibilities Create high fidelity wireframes and UI elements to be used in game engine and web app. Create low fidelity wireframes and sketches to iterate early ideas for UI’s layout and UX’s flow of information. Research, make prototype, and design how users interact with our products. Collaborate with other artists and designers to achieve highly […]

Technical Artist

Responsibilities Create & customize shader, post-process, or rendering pipeline to achieve product’s art direction needs Create & customize in-engine animation rigs/simulations, animation states & behaviors, and physics materials to achieve product’s art direction needs Develop tools to help author and manage high quality and quantity of art assets Help optimize art assets and visual features […]

Lead Artist

Responsibilities Lead the delivery of high-quality art assets in accordance with the guideline. Help defining, communicating, and documenting the artistic vision of the product with the whole team. Help developing the project timeline and delegating tasks to the whole team. Collaborate with fellow artists, producers, programmers, and designers to produce art assets & integrate them to […]

Senior 3D Artist

Responsibilities Create high-quality 3D models and textures for characters, environments, and props. Set the development of 3D art pipeline standard (e.g. keep up to date with the latest 3D tools & techniques). Coach fellow artists and establish their career path as well. Collaborate with fellow artists to create rigs and animations. Collaborate with fellow artists, […]