Unity VFX Artist

As a Unity VFX Artist, you will be involved in creating visually engaging and immersive special effects that will be used in the game. Requirements Experience creating VFX animation for games using Unity or After Effects. Proficiency in digital drawing programs, such as raster or vector, such as Photoshop, CSP, and Illustrator. Proficiency in the fundamentals of […]

Quality Assurance

Requirements Have experience playing various games. Understanding gamification and knowledge of game design is a plus. Thorough and precise to small details. Good communication skills and ability to work in a team. Self-motivated, willing to learn, and self-responsible. Responsibilities Testing product with suitable testing type. Identifying and documenting defects in written reports. Reviewing and verifying […]

Corporate Communication Staff

Requirements Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, public relations, or a related field. 1-2 years of experience in a digital communications role. Proven experience in corporate communication, PR, or a related role. Practical project and time management skills, with a particular focus on planning, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines, with proven experience in content management. Strong understanding […]

Game Designer FSKU

Responsibilities Tune and balance content you’re developing; extend those systems to realize new visions for gameplay and improve player experience. Gather, acknowledge, and respond to internal feedback, adjusting design choices as necessary. Ensure all your content is well-organized and easily updated by other team members. Work on multi-disciplinary teams to conceptualize and build exceptional game content. […]

Game Animator

Responsibilities Create game-ready 3D animations for characters, environments/props, and VFX. Create game-ready rigs for 3D models. Collaborate with fellow team members to produce in-game cinematic. Integrate and set up game animation data in the game engine. Collaborate with fellow artists, team leads, tech, and design teams to produce believable characters and creatures. Requirements First-hand knowledge […]

Full Stack Programmer

Responsibilities Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new server features. Design and implement front-facing web applications, server-side features, and API. Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability. Able to write maintainable and clean codes and also follow company code standards. Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to […]

Game Programmer

Responsibilities Involve in all areas of game programming, such as game logic, graphics, artificial intelligence, user interface, and backend service. Write robust code to be used by millions of users. Work as part of a team, but with plenty of opportunities to take responsibility on an individual level. Support and contribute new ideas to game […]

Game Producer

Responsibilities Balancing scope, schedule, budget, quality, and risks. Manage issues and risks associated with the project and help solve them. Able to handle challenging situations in a calm and professional manner. Manage project lifecycle, from the project’s beginning until the project’s closing. Coordinate the project plan, timeline, and activities with the development team of different […]

Jr. 3D Artist

Responsibilities Create 3D game-ready assets: work on High Poly model, Low Poly model, UV map, and Texture set. Deliver work on time and according to schedule. Digest direction, participate and engage with another team member to stay current on the scope and understanding of the project. Multitask effectively, prioritize competing demands and follow through on […]

Game Designer

Responsibilities As a game designer, you will be responsible for: Planning, conceptualizing, and designing game systems/controls/interfaces/narrative/level/mechanics, all aligned with design pillars to delight the users. Working collaboratively with fellow designers and development team members to concept and deliver the intended experience. Communicating design decisions to relevant stakeholders. Requirements First and foremost, you are a designer: […]