DevOps Engineer

Responsibilities Collaborate with development and operations staff throughout the entire development cycle. Participate in the complete service life cycle to provide support. Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to enhance efficiency. Requirements Minimum one year of experience in the IT field. Background in the IT field. Ability to work effectively in teams and possess […]

Finance Operations Lead

Responsibilities Overseeing all transactions related to the general ledger, receivables, payables, and payroll. Ensuring accurate and on-time financial reporting. Reviewing & approving all payment processes to third parties. Working closely with upper management to develop and implement future financial strategies. Developing and coordinating relationships with financial institutions. Developing and coordinating relationships with External Auditors & […]

Finance & Accounting Officer

Responsibilities Plan, conduct, and control the utilization of the company’s financial resources. Perform basic analysis of company financial performance on a regular basis. Assist in company budget & cost control and evaluation. Reconcile budget to payment accounts ledger, bank accounts, foreign currency payments, etc. Process account and payment requests in compliance with company policies and […]

Art Director

Responsibilities Define, hold, and drive artistic vision in line with the overall product direction. Create a unified and consistent visual style for the art team to follow. Drive the creation of art and ensure that a unified vision is maintained, providing clear benchmarks for the artists’ asset production.. Lead the delivery of high-quality art assets […]

Game Programmer

Responsibilities Involved in all areas of game programming, such as game logic, graphics, artificial intelligence, user interface, and backend service. Collaborate with artists, designers, and programmers to achieve the objectives of game design with the development of game mechanics. Write and maintain clean and high quality code. Support and contribute new ideas to game design. […]

Senior Game Designer

Responsibilities Plan and design game systems, controls, interfaces, narrative, level, and mechanics that align with design pillars. Work collaboratively with fellow designers, artists, producers, and programmers to concept and deliver the intended experience. Communicate design decisions to relevant stakeholders. Gather user’s feedback to improve their experience. Requirements Minimum 3 years of related work experience, either […]

[Mythic Protocol] Senior 3D Character Artist

We are looking for 3D modeler who are familiar in creating stylized characters. Responsibilities Create high-quality game ready character models Sculpt detailed character geometry Retopologize sculpted geometry to game-ready character models Create high-quality texture maps for use in stylized rendering workflow Layout efficient and high quality UVs Maintain character functionality and animation ability throughout the […]

[Mythic Protocol] Creature 3D Artist

Mythic Protocol is a gameplay-first franchise built on top of Web3 technologies. It is architected to maximize collaboration and revolutionize the way we play, create, and invest. In a world that features continuously evolving supernatural elements, it enables you to work hand-in-hand with other gamers from all over the world and observe your assets grow […]

Technical Artist

Responsibilities Create & customize shader, post-process, or rendering pipeline to achieve product’s art direction needs Create & customize in-engine animation rigs/simulations, animation states & behaviors, and physics materials to achieve product’s art direction needs Develop tools to help author and manage high quality and quantity of art assets Help optimize art assets and visual features […]

3D Artist

Responsibilities Create high-quality 3D models and textures for characters, environments, and props. Collaborate with fellow artists, producers, programmers, and designers to produce 3D assets & integrate them to final playable product. Work closely with team leaders & directors to take creative direction as well as reinforce the execution of our game’s visual design. Deliver work on […]