Talent Development


Whats interesting about the Talent Division in Agate is, that we will be given the chance to see the many faces of the Agate crew. From the veterans that had stayed with us from the beginning, to the new hopefuls that only just joined us. We converse with them and discuss how to properly nurture their potential.

The game industry in Indonesia is still relatively new, to the point that some people still don’t know that there are game companies in Indonesia that actually makes games! Thus, the talents are likewise, very minimal, and sometimes not even know that the very industry they seek to enter already exists here in their homeland.

Here, we have a program called Agate Academy. What we do with it, is that we go to and find students and introduce them to the Indonesian game industry. Further, we as a professional game industry ourselves are open to their applications. With the main point of this program being to spread awareness, we hope to see that more and more people, especially the youth to know and understand the industry.

Finally, we also welcome everyone who wishes to try and enter the industry, as well as to further level-up their skills within it.