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Aditia Dwi Perdana

Chief People Officer

Aditia Dwi Perdana

Chief People Officer

Aditia Dwiperdana is the man who assembled the lineup of talents behind Agate’s early stage of growth and development, while also laying the groundwork for game development industry talents to foster. He joined Agate as a programmer in 2009 and quickly moved on to product management, directing other developers and programmers.  


Along the way, Aditia noticed the shortage of talent in the game industry and the need to nurture more talents. This would prompt him to develop Agate Academy – an initiative to raise awareness and cultivate more talents in the game development industry – in 2011. He also started the Funway Podcast as a way to share insights on the game development industry. Aditia would be directly involved in recruiting talents for Agate, and by 2016 he interviewed about half of Agate’s recruits.  


He would also take up another responsibility as a Studio Head, handling the production of several projects in Agate Level Up. In 2020, he turns his focus entirely on talent management as the Vice President of Talent in Agate, with a focus to develop existing talents and cultivate Agate’s working culture. He envisioned future Agate as more than a company, but a place where talents came to make their dreams come true.

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