Agate Skylab Fund is an industry building initiative launched by Agate inspired by the newly appointed advisory board member of Agate, Hari Sungkari (ex. Deputy Chairman of Infrastructure at BEKRAF and ex. Deputy for Destination and Infrastructure Development at Kemenparekraf). Launched in 2021, the fund will be awarded by Agate’s Skylab Fund committee for games and technologies that are aiming for a global success.

The Agate Skylab Fund Committee will review applications on a quarterly basis and deploy the funds after a rigorous vetting and selection process. Agate Skylab Fund deal structures can take the form of outright acquisition, partial ownership, and project-based investment depending on the applicant pitch.

Industry growth is often led by a few key players in their field, and the iterative nature of progress often requires the concerted effort of the many towards a single unified goal. Having invested over a decade into establishing educational and professional ecosystems for the Indonesian game industry, Agate is ready to make one big push towards the future: our moonshot.

At Agate, we have developed a thesis for what our future products could be and are ready to commit our manpower, expertise, and funding towards that goal. Together with our friends, we have built a roadmap for product, technology, and IP development that will culminate in a moonshot project that will move our collective industry forward – and it is towards this purpose that we now open ourselves to collaboration.


Our Moonshot: The Pursuit of a Collaborative Space

Agate, with its sights and growth trajectory set far into the future, want to grow with like-minded industry partners. To us, the digital collaborative space is the next big frontier in gaming. From co-op-shooters to open metaverses, the human desire to collaborate represents the greatest triumph of our society. We hope to foster the next generation of games that unite, build communities, and inspire collaboration at scale.

So what does that mean for Skylab? What constitutes a Skylab-worthy application that helps the pursuit of a Collaborative Space? Well, if it enables digital cooperation between multiple people, we’re interested.

What We Provide


We provide funds to support Indonesian game developers. The ticket size start at minimum $100K, up to $1M.


Agate’s veteran roster of senior leaders and industry talent will be on hand to provide project consultation and mentorship at every desired stage of development.


The Skylab Initiative will be a coalition of likeminded developers and entry brings with it access to the various teams, experts, and mentors from our industry and beyond.


For everyone who shares our vision and aspirations for the industry we offer a unified front built on collaboration, mutual growth, and respect.

Submission Categories

Ready to showcase a demo or a technical alpha of your game, plugin, or application? Now is the time!

Send in your latest and greatest builds with your application for the best chance to shine.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, but we do encourage you to present your submission in the best possible way. A clean PDF presentation, appropriate metrics, and a playable build will go a long way in convincing the Skylab committee.

No. The Skylab fund is a reserve designed to build technologies, products, and ecosystems that align with Agate’s goals. That said, we do not discount the possibility of awarding grants to projects at our discretion.

Ownership rights will vary depending on the product/IP and the amount of funds awarded, but we will always strive for a 50/50 split to ensure the highest level of collaboration.

Yes, you will retain your ownership rights in full until a deal has been signed.

Yes, you can submit as many products as you like.

You are free to submit any product you think will work well with our initiative, but the selection committee will primarily consider submissions that align to Skylab goals.

No, we are expressly looking to fund a minimum of 100k as we want to encourage the growth of larger scale projects and products in the industry. If you do have a smaller product and would still like to pitch us, we would encourage you to plan for and pitch a series of products instead.

The goal is too massive for us to go it alone, by sharing our resources we spread the burden of growth and success with friends and thereby ensure that our local industry wins out in the end.

If you share our goals and our aspirations for the industry and our Moonshot, we believe that there is strength in numbers. All of us have will benefit from the shared knowledge, experiences, and vision that we build together.

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