Agate Academy Interview Series Part 6 with Valent, the Game Producer

We have seen how a game development works based on previous interview with the Game Artist, Programmer, Designer, as well as Music Composer & Sound Designer. However, in order to create a solid game production, coordination and collaboration between roles are needed, and this is where the Game Producer takes the lead. In this part of the series, we invite Valentinus Rk, or known as Valent, to talk about his daily activity as the Game Producer.



Agate Academy Interview Series Part 6 with Valent, the Game Producer Agate Academy Interview Series Part 6 with Valent, the Game Producer


First off, could you tell us about your role and the scope of work?

I currently hold two positions at the same time, as a Game Producer as well as Head of Entertainment Mobile Games Studio. Specifically speaking as the Game Producer is to supervise the game development team, ensuring the team meets each of their working requirements, assisting the coordination flow and synergicity between each member of development team.

According to your experience, what does it take to be a Game Producer?

The essential skill a Game Producer needs to embrace is the softskill, such as communication, leadership, and interpersonal skill. Hardskill such as mastering spreadsheet, image editor, and Unity is not entirely necessary, though it will also be a great help to directly guide the team member. Most importantly, a Game Producer must have a great understanding about quality game, the sensitivity to reckon which part goes incorrect as well as the solution to it, and the knowledge to improve the game.

The personality of a Game Producer is often identified as a person who is easy-going, open minded, communicates well, coordinates well in a teamwork, and willing to be a facilitator whenever a conflict occur, and of course, possessing a high sense of leadership. It needs to be understood that being a leader doesn’t mean you can dominate. The kind of leadership a Game Producer should possess needs to be first adjusted with the personality of the team member.

 Do you have any advice for those who aspire to be a Game Developer, especially to be a Producer?

The career path of Game Producer can be actually attained through other development role, such as Game Tester. Being a Game Tester will eventually drill your sense for a game. You can also build this sense by creating your own game. The point is a Game Producer should have a balance passion between playing and creating game. Playing many games is needed to enhance your reference on making a game, though still you need times to actually create one other than keep on playing the existing ones.