Sky Cage

poster of skycage where a cage is hung above a desert looking city

Unreal Blender Full Development Service Sky Cage is a VR-based on-ground crowd activation game where users must escape from a high-rise prison by finishing a set of puzzles before the time runs out. Combining a virtual reality interface with physical props, users can be fully immersed in the Sky Cage gameplay, creating genuine reactions and […]

Pasien Terakhir

Unreal Blender Full Development Service Pasien Terakhir is Agate’s first VR game. This horror-themed puzzle brings the player into a haunted hospital they have to escape from while being chased by its ghostly residents. Designed as a crowd activation game, Pasien Terakhir features a fast-paced storyline and scream-inducing gameplay, making it an intriguing attraction in […]