Fantasista is Ready for Worldwide Release

Having been the talk of the nation and local headline news for almost a whole month, finally we are going to see the Indonesian national football team ready to face Thailand on the 2016 AFF Cup final, today (14/12/2016). To commemorate this exciting moment, Agate has something special coming. Teaming up with a series of top app developers such as Google, Agate will officially release its latest football game, “Fantasista” to the International arena.

“We are confident of our national team (Indonesia) capability to win the 2016 AFF Cup. So in order to root for them and to fire up the upcoming final match atmosphere, we are launching a unique football game created fully by the Indonesian youngster.” said Agate Director of Midcore F2P Game Business Dave Fabian. The game can be downloaded and played as of now on the Android and IOS phone. The game, Fantasista will emphasize more on its interesting gameplay and hi-res images.

The game will let the user act and growth as a professional football player and compete with other real players.  In the early stages of the game user can use the character creation to create and customize his/her own 3D avatar, practicing like a real professional player, and then joining a famous and bigger club as the season goes by. The objective is to win many prestigious football championship and tournament, and in doing so you won’t be alone, you can gather your force with your friends and teammates.

The wide selection of supporting attributes and so many techniques that must be mastered in the game will make your journey of becoming a world football star full of challenge and imagination.

Whether you play as a lethal target man with a goal scoring machine record, a maestro in the midfield, a towering defender, or a rock solid goalkeeper, it is up to you. No one can stop you to become whatever you are and be the best football player ever! Prepare yourself and join the other international players out there in Fantasista!! And grab all of the prestigious trophies in the game!!

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