Agate Release a Cooking Game RPG, Dungeon Chef!

Go on an Adventure with the Chef While Battling the Monsters in Dungeon Chef.

From time to time, RPG or Role Playing Game has become a kind of genre that has a lot of fans. The RPG genre itself has experienced many changes and transformation throughout the years, from classic JRPG such as the Persona series and Final Fantasy to RPGs that requires heavy social activities such as Granblue Fantasy.

Because RPG genre keeps getting more dynamic each single day, Agate, a game developer from Bandung decide to create an Android based RPG game with a cooking twist called “Dungeon Chef”. This is a unique game where player can cook monster’s meat after it has been defeated. The game which has been released on 15 Mei 2017 tells a story about someone who inherited a tavern that used to be a legendary restaurant. In the past the place used to be famous for its delicious cuisine, but it had been abandoned long enough by its previous owner until today. In the game, player will play as the new owner with a mission to restore the place to its former glory.


Dungeon Chef offers the same kind of experience that many RPG has such as battling with monster, upgrading weapon, and discovering more new monsters in order to level up. Uniquely, defeated monsters can be cooked and served to customers. Users can also unlock new and unique recipes matching with the defeated monster.

Generally speaking the Dungeon Chef is not much different from the usual cooking simulation games like Cooking Mama or Dinner Dash. First, the user looks at what the customer wants and then goes to find the monster to collect the needed ingredient for cooking. Next, the user can waits until the food is over cooked then it can be served to the waiting customers. Money and XP earned from customers are needed for leveling up, unlocking new recipes, finding new ingredients, and meeting monsters that are far more exciting to beat.

With such a variety of uniqueness and easy-to-play, Dungeon Chef can bridge the RPG fans and casual gamers. Dungeon Chef has been released on the Android platform and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.


Link to download the game can be found here:

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