Ekuator Games Acquisition by Agate

Ekuator Games Acquisition by AgateAgate, as one of Indonesian game developers that has been actively creating games since 2009 is spreading its wings. Under PT Agate International, Agate had managed to acquire Ekuator Games, a Bandung-based game studio. The acquisition was completed on January 5th, 2019 with a total value around IDR 5 billion.

Ekuator Games is a studio that successfully grabbed the attention of gamers with its title, Celestian Tales. The game had managed to be developed through crowdfunding on and grasped outstanding acclaims. Among them, Tech in Asia had awarded Celestian Tales to be one of the Top 10 Best Indonesian Games 2016.

Cipto Adiguno, previously CEO of Ekuator Games whom now became Agate’s Vice President of Consumer Games stated, “I am very excited about the joining of Ekuator Games with Agate. I believe that we can strive to create games of higher quality and bring Indonesia to the global game industry.”

This acquisition is also serving as a real form of business collaboration within the Indonesian game industry to further improve the qualities of locally-made games. The CEO of Agate, Arief Widhiyasa, said that the goal of this acquisition is to unite existing talents development in Agate with Ekuator’s talents development to increase the speed and quality of consumer games product in Agate, with the hopes that in the future to bring more of quality games to the global market.

The global market definitely is a big challenge for the local game industry scene. However, it does not mean that Indonesia is void of any acclaims. For example, Agate’s Valthirian Arc that was released for consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC through Steam, successfully gained the top 2 in England in less than 24 hours within its release. Furthermore, Valthirian Arc which had been developed for a total of two and a half years, reached its’ BEP within the span of under a month since its release date. In less than 3 months, it has reached over dozens of billion rupiah in terms of sales revenue. This achievement is indeed outstanding for the local game ecosystem, especially for the first Indonesian game with 100% IP made by Indonesian game developer team that has boxed version for PS4