Agate’s First Media Gathering

On the last 30th of January, Agate held our first Media Gathering. This event was also meant to spread the word that Agate Level Up now has officially launched despite starting activities and production since 2010. In conjunction with the official launching of Agate Level Up, the event brought together people from the media industry to give a showcase the capabilities and the potential of gamification in the future of Indonesian Industries.

With the usual suspects of Agate’s signature AR and VR games, the participants were delighted with first-hand experiences of Agate’s gamification.

Agate's First Media Gathering

And alongside the available games, representatives from Agate, that being their CFO Lee Marvin and their CMO Shieny Aprilia fills steps up to the stage to fill the event as speakers. Whilsts Mr. Lee Marvin acted as a general Master of Ceremony, Mrs. Shieny Aprilia had also made a presentation to briefly explain the current scene of gamification within Indonesia. Also included in the presentation, were Agate’s efforts these last few years of what they have achieved at the forefront of Indonesia’s incredibly young gamification industry.

Suffice to say, many of the media/press representatives were welcomed to a Q&A session after the presentation where they were allowed to assess Agate’s future actions.

Agate's First Media Gathering

The event was filled with smiles and laughter as the participants slowly accustomed to Agate Level Up’s gamified culture. By joining in on mini-games and group activities provided, despite the short time that Agate Level Up in engaging the participants, it was quite well received by the end of the day. And it would be safe to say that even the many members of media are intrigued and curious as to what Agate would plan to do in the near future. And perhaps among them, partnerships will be ensued.

Agate's First Media Gathering