Agate’s Collaboration Launching and Open House

On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Agate, now 10 years old, took part in the inauguration of cooperation for the development of the Indonesian game industry along with Summarecon Bandung, Bekraf, and the West Java Provincial Government. The event which was attended by Ridwan Kamil as the Governor of West Java, Hari Santosa Sungkari as Bekraf Infrastructure Deputy, and Herman Nagaria as Director of Business and Property Development at Summarecon Agung also marked the inauguration of Agate’s new office in the Teknopolis Bandung area, in the Summarecon area, Gedebage, Bandung.

Agate's Collaboration Launching and Open House

The game industry as one of the creative economic sub-sectors has enormous business potential that can contribute to improving Indonesia’s economic growth. Unfortunately, this potential is still not well and maximally explored, especially in Indonesia. The global game industry even has the largest revenue compared to the global film and music industry. Arief Widhiyasa during a panel discussion at the inauguration also said that there was a mismatch between the development funds of the game industry and other entertainment industries which resulted in the difficulty of the industry to develop. Until now, the market share for local games is still less than 5%. Seeing this problem, the three institutions outside Agate as the main players in the game industry, began to look to participate in developing this industry.

Agate, as one of the leading local game companies in Indonesia, hopes that this collaboration will open the way for new resources and actors in the Indonesian game industry, and can bring about an adequate industrial ecosystem. With 10 years of experience, Hari Santosa and Ridwan Kamil agreed to Agate’s dream and hard work which had become one of the outliers (taking references from Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers) to the Indonesian game industry. This was stated by Hari Santosa that Agate in his early days was the most diligent start-up following the coaching from Bekraf to finally be able to walk independently.

Agate's Collaboration Launching and Open House

In addition, in line with the vision of Bandung City as a Creative City, Summarecon Agung also saw that potential. Together with the Bandung City Government at that time, Summarecon Agung then planned to build Teknopolis in the Summarecon area of Bandung. Teknopolis Bandung is expected to become the Indonesian version of Silicon Valley, which will be enlivened by various creative industries, especially those from Bandung. And Agate, has become one of the companies that has officially inhabited Teknopolis Bandung since February 2019.A