May, 2017

Agate Release a Cooking Game RPG, Dungeon Chef!

Because the RPG genre keeps getting more dynamic each single day, Agate Studio a game developer from Bandung decide to create an Android based RPG game with a cooking twist called “Dungeon Chef”.

Mar, 2017

The campaign of Valthirian Arc is successfully funded!

As for today Agate Studio announce the campaign of Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant in kickstarter is successfully funded in S$30,000 and now set some stretch goal to make the game even better.

Feb, 2017

Valthirian Arc will start a Kickstarter campaign!

The third installment of the award-winning Valthirian Arc series finally get its official name, Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant. The game will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign which will be started on August 20 at 05:00 AM New York time (UTC-4)

Jan, 2017

Kuis Iseng Kaesang Is A New Game From Agate!

Kaesang name is increasingly heard, as well as its popularity. Based on this phenomenon, Agate decides to joined force with Kaesang to create a unique Trivia game called “Kuis Iseng Kaesang”.

Dec, 2016

Fantasista is Ready for World Wide Release!

Agate has something special coming. Teaming up with a series of top app developers such as Google, Agate will officially release its latest football game, “Fantasista” to the International arena.

Nov, 2016

Agate succeed getting into google play rank.

Cooperation between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia, Pustekkom Kemendikbud and Indonesia leading game company, Agate has just managed to become one of the top Educational games in Google Play Store.