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Code Atma is a mobile, techno-thriller RPG set in a world where humanity, technology, and ancient beliefs intersect in a secret war: the War Beyond the Veil. Harnessing the power of long-forgotten myths and folklore – the Atma – players embark on a journey to uncover the hidden truths behind the mysteries of our world. 

Focusing on delivering an immersive gameplay experience, Code Atma is Agate’s first major offering that implemented live operations services with community-building as its backbone.  With an extensive post-production/launch phase that sees the game receiving a number of new features and quality-of-life improvements, Code Atma is the premier mid-core mobile game product from Agate. 

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The Agate team built Code Atma as a mobile-forward RPG set in a supernatural techno-thriller world that blends technology and mysticism. Featuring an immersive story and an expansive cast of characters and creatures, Code Atma will invite players into a new world that lies just beyond the lens of their mobile devices. 

Using the titular app of Code Atma, players are given the task of uncovering the truth behind the Atma, the War Beyond the Veil, and what role do they play in the conflict. As a whole, the game aims to deliver an immersive, story-driven experience that made use of the rich folklore of the cultures its inspired by; set in our modern, present-day world.

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The game development starts with a simple question: what if the mystical world and the creatures within it are real, and we can communicate with them? Or better yet, command them to do things that we cannot do?
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From there we start the pre-production stage, starting with deciding how to create a narrative to convey the messages we wanted. Then, we started detailing the build. What kind of gameplay is suitable for the experience? What kind of visual can enhance the mood and the feel of the world we are building? To find the answers, we went through numerous experiments and reiterations to finetune our game design. Then, we moved on to the production phase.
The team builds the game client using Unity and Blender, as well as Admin tools to ease the game operational load. 
We keep the game alive by continuously delivering new features and improving existing ones, such as the addition of the Friend feature and the option to toggle the language between English and Bahasa. Our live operations team also routinely engages the Code Atma community to keep them actively participating in new content and regularly-held events. While the development team keep on fixing bugs or issues to make the experience better for users over time.


Code Atma is the first premier mid-core mobile game that was launched globally with live operations support by Agate. Combining aspects of Indonesian and South East Asian culture, aesthetics, and worldview along with slick modern design and deep, strategic gameplay; it has proven to successfully attract players from around the world.  

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Boasting an average MAU of 29,742 players, a total of 361,897 downloads, and ARPPU of 260,312 IDR – including from North America and Europe.

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Code Atma has won a number of prestigious accolades, which includes 2021 Best Mobile Game in Game Prime Awards, Anugerah Bangga Buatan Indonesia 2020 in the Game Category, and the 2020 Indonesian Game Prime Award as the number 1 Indie Game of The Year and winning the Best Visual from the same award.

The development process and the subsequent post-production phase of Code Atma have presented the team with an unprecedented learning opportunity.

The growing familiarity of game development using Unity on a project such as Code Atma has proven that the team is more than capable of developing a game on such a scale; and our first major foray into the implementation of live ops procedures has given us a chance to prove that we are capable of operating the kind of games-as-a-service products that are highly popular on the market.

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