Tirta, The Newest Puzzle Adventure Game from Agate and Telkom

Jakarta, 6 November 2020 – Bali, the small yet serene island in Indonesia has attracted both local and international tourists due to its amazing beauty. Its culture flush with charm, coupled with its breath-taking vistas made it into a prime tourist destination – one that is attuned with spiritualism and serenity.  The positive qualities of Bali have then inspired Agate to develop a game based on its beauty, rich history, and virtue of serenity. 

Tirta, the upcoming puzzle adventure game from Agate aim to give players a lull and relaxing kind of fun.  Tirta will give its players the chance to explore the and experience the splendour of Bali, where the game is set. Players will be pampered by the amazing and eye-catching graphics, with character and architecture designs based on Balinese heritage. In Tirta, players are expected to be fully immersed while interacting with the game world. With this, we seek to introduce the strength and capabilities of Indonesian game developers to the international market – of which are already familiar with Bali itself. 

 “Tirta’s development is currently in the pre-alpha phase, which means only 20% of the game has been completed as we are also actively looking for partners to develop the game together” says Igor Tanzil, Agate’s CMO & CCO. Tirta itself is being developed using Unreal Engine. “The development has proved to be quite a challenge. As this is the first puzzle adventure game that we are developing, we are very mindful in the pipeline, design, and game mechanism that are being developed for Tirta” explained Cipto Adiguna, Agate’s VP of Consumer Games. 

The concept of Tirta, which will bring unique themes and stories, is a born out of collaboration between Agate and Telkom. Again, Telkom, through Oolean, took the initiative to create games made by Indonesian developers that can be enjoyed and exhibited internationally. Tirta is expected to showcase the talent of Indonesian game developers and be the vanguard in building the foundation of Indonesian gaming ecosystem. 

Tirta has been designed since late 2018, and technically began development in early 2019. Until now, the Tirta game is still under development, so the platforms and release date is still to be announced. Information about the Tirta game can be accessed at https://agate.id/tirta/ . Register your email on the link to get more information and details about the Tirta! 

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