The Global Release of Crossword Go

Jakarta, Sept 2019 — Agate, Indonesia’s leading game developer company finally bring one of its most favorite game to the global market. The free yet enjoyable word puzzle game, Teka Teki Santai will be released on Google Play under the title Crossword Go. Now players around the world can challenge themselves to engage with the fun and excitement the game provides. 

Crossword Go is an already popular game in Indonesia, as its native version, Teka Teki Santai, has already downloaded over 500,000 times in Google Play. While so many regular brain game can be confusing and tiring, Crossword Go boasted its simplicity as it could be played perfectly by all ages in all situation, while maintaining the fun aspect of the game. Agate also collaborates with Indonesian Ministry of Tourism to promote the wonders of Indonesia through the game. Through this collaboration, players could also travel and discover many beautiful places across Indonesia, all while sitting enjoyably and having fun solving many puzzles that the game offers. The game is also playable offline, so players are able to play it anywhere and anytime. 

Crossword Go will start with many empty boxes like a classic appearance of crossword puzzle. Each box presents hint to be solved to find the right word. Players can fill the boxes by simply swiping their fingers across the board of letters. Helps, such as bonus word hints, shuffle, and as sophisticated as “ask a friend” are available if players happen to stuck in a question. You will then be granted collectible stickers of many signature attractions as you go through the levels. 

Frequent updates and events will also be provided by Agate to give the players continuous experience and engagement to the fun and challenging crossword puzzle that many other game could not offer. Crossword Go can be found in the new arrival section on Google Play for US region. While in Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia, the game can be found on Google Play’s early access section. 


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