NEOPIN Announces Strategic Partnership with Agate, Indonesia’s Largest Game Studio, “To Secure a New Base for Web 3 Gaming in SEA” 

NEOPIN has announced partnership with Agate, the largest game studio in Indonesia, to establish the Web 3.0 gaming ecosystem on 15 March 2023.  

Agate, founded in 2009, is the largest game studio in Indonesia, currently consisted of over 300 game development talents, taken part in the development of over 300 games in various capacity, and collaborating with over 150 global partners. with over 10 million downloads and 200,000+ Daily Active Users (DAUs). Agate is also taking part in the development of various Web3.0 game projects, including Mythic Protocol, Saakuru, and Eizperchain  

Through this partnership, NEOPIN placed a main bridgestone to the SEA expansion of its own Web3 game ecosystem. NEOPIN will leverage this partnership to expand its own Web3 game ecosystem throughout Southeast Asia, with 8 games already or soon to be onboarded. Major games in the ecosystem, including Epic League, Infinity Saga X, and Pixel Play, will target the Indonesian market with Agate’s support. In turn, Agate will play a key role in bridging NEOPIN’s domestic Web 3.0 gaming partners to the global market.  

On the other hand, NEOPIN will proactively support Agate and Indonesian game contents to expand their reach to Korean, Middle Eastern and African markets. Not only limited to the partnership and technical support for Web 3.0 transition from Web 2.0, both parties will cooperate closely to identify opportunities to invest and incubate high-performing global game companies.  

Indonesia is a country with the world’s fourth-largest population and ranks 16th in terms of GDP. According to the “Content Industry Trend of Indonesia” report released by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), the Indonesian game market is experiencing significant growth with the mobile game market leading the way. With improved online and offline payment infrastructure, the market has been expanded to become one of top 16 in the world. The game industry’s market size is projected to reach $1.3billion, five times greater than the size in 2015. The most notable trend in the market is the launch of various Web3 and NFT-based games, with a competition of Web3 games released in several countries including Korea, China, Singapore, Japan and USA.  

NEOPIN recently rebranded to reinforce its identity as a CeDeFi protocol. CeDeFi is a combination of Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). CeDeFi takes the advantages of CeFi and DeFi and improves the disadvantages of each financial system. NEOPIN, a CeDeFi protocol, plans to build the user-oriented, efficient and transparent on-chain blockchain financial ecosystem. NEOPIN, based on its CeDeFi, is being developed as the “Global Web3.0 Platform” connecting DeFi, game, Metaverse, NFT and more services. 

Vincentius Ismawan, VP of Marketing & Sales, also co-founder of Agate quotes “NEOPIN serves as our strategic partner in our plan as we see Korea plays a key part in efforts in global outreach. As a game development partner serving our global clients, we believe that with the combination of both NEOPIN and Agate expertise we could effectively expand our markets, and ultimately bring benefits to our clients.”

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