Kresna the Kingslayer on the Code Atma Newest Update 90.02

Bandung, Indonesia, April 01st, 2021 – Code Atma releases update 91.03, adding New Contents, Melatma and Melatma Mischief Madness events. 

This update follows last week’s update that introduced a new Atma with matching unique items.


Melatma’s Mischief Madness  

March 31st 2021 update will add various quality of life for Seekers, bug fixes, and release of the Event Melatma’s Mischief Madness.  

[New Contents]  

  • New Atma : Melatma of Elements 1*  
  • Rarity Upgrade : Amritha 6*  
  • New Synth Recipe : Amritha 6* 

[New Summon Banners]  

  • Amritha 5* + Hanuman 5*  

[New Event]  


Oh no, they’re here! Born from the salt of Seekers who failed to summon 5 stars, these Melatma is eager to help(??) you winning this war! Melatma only appears on early weeks of April each year, beware!  

During this event, earn summoning tickets just by logging in and finish daily quests every day!  

[New Offers]  

  • April’s Summoning Deal  
  • Holiday Offer is back  

[Technical Updates]  

LABYRINTH QUALITY OF LIFE As per Seekers’ feedback, The Labyrinth now have only 5 rooms per floor, allowing Seekers to complete it faster. Since the floor has been shortened, each battle would be more meaningful and harder, and the reward has been doubled.  


To help new Seeker progress faster, from now on, we will grant every Seeker a free 5* Atma when they complete Chapter 0. Seekers who’s been progressing further are directly eligible to claim the free 5* Atma.  

We’ve been tweaking difficulties from chapter 1 to 3 to smoothen new Seeker’s experience. This will still be subject of iteration.  


  • Fixed a bug where skin cannot be equipped during certain conditions   
  • Fixed a bug where the compendium won’t show Seeker’s collected Atma during certain conditions  
  • Fixed a bug where selling equipment while the equipment filter is on, resets the equipment  
  • Fixed a bug where Tower 100F doesn’t show correct reward when cleared  
  • Improvements in app stability

Previous Update 90.02  

New Atma:

In Update 90.02, Code Atma welcomed Kresna, the blue assassin who secretly overthrew a vicious King. Wearing the King’s mask and attire, he continued the reign, and nobody knew the real King was assassinated for years. The people thought their King changed overnight, and now the whole country prospers under his reign.  

Kresna was invisible. He could slip in any occasion, any place he wants. A royal banquet, royal party, even the King’s bed-chamber. After all, an assassin wasn’t something he should advertise. 

Kresna is inspired by one of the Hindus Gods, Krishna, which Hindus worshiped, in the form of a man with dark blue skin, wearing a yellow dhoti and a crown decorated with peacock feathers.  

Kresna Skill & Attributes 


  • Rarity: 
  • 6 
  • Max Level: 
  • Level 140 
  • Class: 
  • Rogue 
  • Element: 
  • Water 
  • Status 
  • HP: 49335 
  • ATK: 6072 
  • DEF: 867 
  • SPD: 757 
  • DMG RD: 28.90% 



  • Brahalasewu 
  • [Active] 55% Damage to all foes in the front row followed by inflicting bleed with 35% damage for 6 Rounds 
  • Amplify Bleed 
  • [Passive] When attacking a foe with Freeze or Bleed debuff, inflict Bleed with 90% Damage to all foes in the same row for 3 rounds 
  • Sanguine Bath 
  • [Passive] When Kresna attacks a foe with Bleed, add 25 energy to Kresna 
  • Deflect Burn 
  • [Passive] When Kresna get Burn debuff, Kresna get healed and give 50% ATK Up to itself for 3 round. 

Update 90.02 highlights: 

  • New Special Equipment 
  • Coronet of Mathura
    Coronet of Mathura will provide additional CRT to the wearer. Obtained from Event. 
  • Crown of Mathura
    An Upgraded Coronet of Mathura. Obtained from Event. Significantly increase ATK Status. 
  • New Summon Banner 
  • Tidal Spirit Summons: Kresna 5* and Srikandi 5* 
  • Kandita 5* and Sura 5* 
  • New Event 
  • Spring Seeker’s Showdown 

Fight with other Seekers and win the reward! Finish the quest to get your Crown and Ring Princess Jela skin. 

  • Atma Returning Skins 
  • Sea-E-O Kandita 
  • Ring Princess Jela 
  • New Special Offers 
  • Exclusive Kresna offer 
  • Deluxe gift offer skin has been updated to Kandita Sea-E-O 
  • Value spring deal for resources and summoning tickets 
  • Technical Update 
  • Fixed several text issues in story sequences 
  • Fixed display issue when important mails can’t expire, yet displayed as if they could

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