Code Atma Conducts Test Launch in Canada, Denmark, and the UK

May 24th, 2021 – Agate, in collaboration with Telkom Indonesia, Melon Indonesia & Oolean, will expand Code Atma service to Canada, Denmark, and the UK starting on May 28th, 2021 (17.00, GMT+7). Previously launched in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines in February, Code Atma has garnered a dedicated regional fanbase for its unique lore and its supernatural fantasy world. 

Players looking to experience the supernatural techno-thriller world of Code Atma first-hand will be able to download the game through PlayStore starting on May 28th. A new in-game event, titled Portal of Summons, will also start on the same day to commemorate the test launch. 

Key Features: 

  • Explore a new supernatural world that blurs the line between technology and mysticism as a Seeker 
  • Gather hundreds of unique Atma, drawn from the farthest reaches of South-East Asian lore and beyond 
  • Level up, equip mystical weapons and trinkets, and grow the powers of the Atma for battle 
  • Lore and strategy combine as each Atma comes with its own unique origins and utilization in combat 
  • Master the unparalleled tactical freedom and creativity that each Atma brings into battle 
  • Join the ranks of the secretive Asterisk Initiative and explore the dark truths that hide in plain sight  
  • Follow a supernatural investigative drama in stunning visual novel format 
  • Dive deep into the unique lore, origins, and stories of the Atma 
  • Unique character and lore driven events will uncover more and more of the expansive Atma universe over time 
  • Beautifully drawn art that blends contemporary design and with the rich cultural heritage of South-East Asian lore 

Play Code Atma Now:
Code Atma on PlayStore

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