Agate Teams Up with RRQ to Launch Esports King, First Esports Management Game

The launch of esports game is intended to enrich the esports ecosystem that is the work of Indonesian and also provides education to the profession that supports the formation of the best esports team. 

Jakarta, March 4, 2020 — For immediate release. Game developer Agate, in collaboration with regional esports powerhouse RRQ has released a new esports management simulator: Esports King. 

The esports phenomena that has exploded over the preceding years has been wholly embraced worldwide. Regionally, esports teams have inspired a fast growing industry that has garnered a passionate fanbase and lucrative corporate endeavours into the sector. With regional governments like Indonesia supporting the growth of the esports ecosystem, the relatively young industry is poised for rapid growth in the coming years. 

Newzoo, a Dutch data analytics firm, has reported that the annual revenue of the gaming industry in Indonesia reached in excess of USD 1.08 billion in January 2019 – ranking Indonesia as the largest revenue grossing gaming market in Southeast Asia. Data from the government supported Indonesian Game Association (AGI) suggests that Indonesian gaming industry will continue its upward trend that will culminate in positioning Indonesia and the region as the fifth largest gaming market in the world by 2030 – with an estimated annual revenue of USD 4.3 billion.  

Esports is the classification of the digital video game medium as a competitive sport – a move that has paved the way for game-led leagues, teams, and events akin to the professional physical sports leagues of world renown. As the esports industry expands, the allure and glamour of the phenomena grows. Seeing an opportunity to educate, support, and further inspire the industry, Agate and RRQ launched a collaborative project titled: Esports King.  

“We made this Esports King game for 3 years. We hope that this game, in addition to being able to complement the ecosystem of locally made games in Indonesia, can also serve as an education for those interested in sports games that there are still other professions that are no less important than players of sports games to make an esports team wins a competition. “This Esports King game can be downloaded and played starting February 28, 2020 on Google Play and will be available at the Apple Store,” describes Arief Widhiyasa, CEO of Agate. 

Esports King is the first regionally launched management simulation set in the exciting the world of esports. Players take on the role of “managers” in an ever growing esports world and will experience the day to day joys of running an esports team and competing in worldwide leagues and tournaments. In the game, players will be able to recruit and train their own players before leading them into the exhilarating esports combat set in a fictional shooter game. Tactics, strategy, and pre-planning all go hand in hand to create a unique simulation experience that focuses on giving players a delightful experience in the high-paced industry.  

As players experience the multiple layers of the esports world, players must master the composition of their teams and get to know the three key roles their players will take on in classic rock-paper-scissors styled match ups. 

  1. The Tanker

Taking on the traditional damage soaking role on your roster is the “Tanker.” Slow, but sturdy, tankers are built to take on Assaulters head on and stop them in their tracks, though a perfectly positioned Specialist can put down the Tanker from afar. 

  1. Specialist

A long-ranged damage dealer, Specialists are deadly on wide open maps and narrow choke points. However, Specialists must be wary of tight spaces and close encounters with enemy Assaulters for their low HP makes them easy targets. 

  1. Assaulter

Quick, deadly, and tactically viable as flankers in combat, the Assaulter can make quick work of any enemy Specialists they catch off guard. These versatile fighters are the most mobile characters on your team, but that mobility comes at a cost when squared off against a Tanker. 

\With deep gameplay mechanics and a focus on a fun core gameplay loop, Esports King promises to be a wonderful new entry into the simulation game that shines a positive light into the glamour of esports. 


Awards and Nominations: 

2nd Place Winner at Pocket Gamer’s Big Indie Pitch, GDC 2018 

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