Agate Release Community-Based Partnership with Content Creator called Agate Creator Partner

Bandung, February 1st, 2021 Agate, one of the most prominent local game developers in Indonesia, launched Agate Creator Partner (ACP) this early 2021 ( a community-based partnership program that builds to bridge every content creator and Agate game developer teams closer to form two-way communication that will help both parties to next-level games and content from the community.  

As the first local game company with this kind of initiative, we hope that this program will bring a positive impact on the gaming community in Indonesia, just like Agate CMO, Igor Tanzil, said “I personally have high hopes for ACP. For Agate, it’s a step towards maturity and an affirmation of our “community first” philosophy. For the Indonesian industry at large, I believe that efforts like this help bring new perspectives to an industry that thrives on creativity. In time, I hope that this program paves the way for bigger, better things for developers and influencers alike as we learn and grow with one another.” 

This program is FREE for all content creators to sign-up; several benefits will help them create content more efficiently; one of them is easier access to a necessary asset on Agate product line, such as music scoring, game art asset, in-game currency, etc. All other benefits will be disclosed after a content creator enter the program.   

Agate Creator Partner has three focuses, Creativity, Community & Collaboration. The first focus is Creativity; it means that ACP understands that creativity has a significant impact on content creators to make content. That’s why ACP focus is to give the creator partner easy and exclusive access across Agate product lines to help the creator partner unleash their creativity.  

The second focus is a Community; it’s at ACP core, we want to bond creator partners with Agate development teams in one community, to come together as one community. And the final focus is Collaboration; ACP are trying to combine the power of content creator influence with Agate knowledge on game development; we hope it can transcend the Indonesian game industry to the next level.  

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