Agate Launches Batique, an Assessment Game to Find Children’s Unique Cognitive Strength

Indonesia, 11 May 2022 – Agate, one of Southeast Asia’s biggest game developers and game-based solution providers launched Batique on April 18, 2022. The game-based web app seeks to empower parents and educators to discover the cognitive strengths of children on grade 1 through 6, in collaboration with Universitas Gadjah Mada’s Psychology Department and PT Melintas Cakrawala Indonesia (“MCI”), an organization that focuses on learning and education development.  

The application includes 8 games, each designed to measure a different cognitive intelligence. By using games as the interface, Batique presents an assessment experience that not only retains the child’s attention, but also allows for purer results as the child would not treat it as a test. Batique has been tested with 1,223 adolescents, with playtime ranging from 20 up to 45 minutes. 

The results are then analysed by Batique and compiled into a report that describes each child’s uniqueness by showing their cognitive profile, as well as how they think and approach problems. This report is sent to the registered emails of the child’s educators and parents that can be used as a guideline to optimize the child’s cognitive ability. 

Since the development started in March 2021, Batique has went through multiple validation tests to ensure that the assessment framework is scientifically valid, and the results accurately portray a child’s potential.  

Batique was developed together with MCI that has previously developed their own adolescent assessment framework called “AJT CogTest”. Batique is adapted from the AJT CogTest framework which was based on the “Cattell–Horn–Carroll” psychoeducational theory that defines and categorizes different cognitive abilities.  

Furthermore, Agate together with MCI also collaborated with the Psychology Department of Universitas Gadjah Mada (“UGM”), one of the nation’s leading higher learning universities. UGM has reviewed Batique’s framework and results, and continuously providing feedbacks throughout the development to ensure the app is scientifically valid.  

As part of the soft launch campaign, an online event was held on April 18, 2022 via Zoom. The event was attended by Lee Marvin, Vice President of Gamification from Agate; Michael Adrian, Director of MCI; Wahyu Yugiarto, a Professor from the Psychology Faculty of UGM; and Junialdi Dwija Putra, Project Manager of Batique. 

“We developed Batique because we want to introduce the concept of meaningful play to children in Indonesia and the world. In the past, parents didn’t like their children to play games because they were seen as distractions from their education. But we’d like to show that a game can also achieve great things if designed and used with the right goals in mind,” said Lee Marvin of Agate.  

Meanwhile, Michael Adrian from MCI shed light on the story behind the app’s development.
“Before we developed the game, MCI has created the AJT cognitive test to analyse a child’s cognitive profile. However, previously the test had to be administered on a one-by-one basis, making it hard to scale up. But, by creating this game, we can fulfil our dream of sharing the benefits of the AJT cognitive test framework to a wider audience across Indonesia. We are happy to have Agate as our development partner due to their experience in developing training games for corporations.”  

UGM’s Wahyu Yugiarto shared his side of the story as well. “Truthfully, our team at UGM didn’t have much experience in designing assessment through video games; we’ve only had 3 similar projects before. But, our experience in AJT was smoother than expected. Due to the speed of the data gathering, we at UGM could quickly process the data and suggest changes to the developers. We hope the lessons we learned through creating Batique can be a foundation for future technological developments as well.” 

Batique was launched following “Health Heroes”, another app developed by Agate with a goal of assisting adolescents in shaping their lifestyle. Anyone who is interested can learn more about Batique through its website at right away. The website also provides contact numbers of Batique agents, who are able to assist in setting up meetings for potential buyers. Currently, the app is only available in Bahasa Indonesia. 

Learn more about Batique:
Batique website

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