Access to Isekai is Now at Your Fingertips with Memories – Interactive Otome Stories

December 21st, 2020 – For some people who love traveling, 2020 is probably the worst year cause we are limited to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Agate, a video game developer from Bandung, Indonesia, invites you to join us venture the gracious world of Memories – Interactive Otome Stories. In this world, you can be a queen that trying to find who is her loved ones or live a life that will only appear in your nightmares, all at your fingertips; all you have to do is choose the choices that you might later regret –  or – not. Your choices, Your Memories.  

‘Memories’ take manga and anime-inspired isekai fantasies and Otome/otoge genres into interactive visual novels. Handsome bachelors, charming princes, and mysterious strangers await in the novels, stories, and chapters that await your adventure. In ‘Memories’, the player is the main character determining the game’s entire storyline. Players can enjoy various stories in ‘Memories’ with various backgrounds with attractive visuals. With the visual novel game mechanism, players make their own choices and follow the storyline based on these choices.

Not only that, in Memories, there is a dress-up feature to change and adjust the main character’s clothes according to the player’s taste. Another special feature is the special collection of illustrations. Players can obtain this special illustration if they reach certain scenes, then make choices that can cause the addition of large affection points from characters of the opposite sex in each Memories story. After earning affection points, special illustrations will be automatically added to the player’s album. There is also Memories-style background music, which can bring us deeper into this game.

The Memories Interactive team will conduct soft launches in several countries, including Australia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Malaysia, which will bring many new players from various countries to share their experience venture in Isekai on Memories 

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