A Celebration of Growth through Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story

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With the release of Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story, Agate has reached yet another very important milestone in its journey. This is due to the fact that Valthirian Arc is not only Agate’s first attempt at a console game but also because of being the first console game with 100% IP belonging to an Indonesian game company, to be distributed with the boxed version for PlayStation 4. While this may be a somewhat normal occurrence with the hit England-based publisher, PQube, Agate has never taken such a momentous stride in its game development history.

Valthirian Arc’s name as a franchise started as a small project between Agate and Lucidrine (that has merged with Agate long ago) had started back when it first took root. The small flash game that was made to be played for free on the internet slowly grew and accumulated fans throughout the flash game community of Kongregate. That achievement alone was enough to spark a sequel, one that Agate was proud to call a game to measure their growth as a game development studio and company. The second game was also made available for free online. But finally, as though poetic rhyming, Agate once again returns to the title of Valthirian Arc as they’ve now had largely grown yet again.

During an interview with the development team, each and every of the respective team was incredibly proud to take part in Agate’s first console game development. The troubles of concept design and narrative design during the early stages of the development to the polishing and harsh revisions needed to be at the end of it. Not to mention the extra efforts taken to meet the steep requirement of the game giant, Nintendo’s demands of quality that was mandatory to be met. Those experiences that were incredibly taxing yet rewarding according to the development team had all now remain as a good memory as they now remain prideful of their creation. 

However, alongside waiting for the feedbacks that are gradually pouring in from the users and those that had long awaited the game, the development team also takes joy in VA: HSS’ achievements. Some of those achievements being the number 2 in the United Kingdom’s Steam release chart and of course, the first ever game from an Indonesian developer to be distributed alongside physical boxes. Despite the joy with those achievements, however, the team themselves acknowledged that they have a long way to go. And to that end, wishes that Valthirian Arc will keep growing alongside Agate as its recurring, iconic title or further, an IP. 

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Even after releasing such a big game, Agate still strides to better itself and hopefully inspiring other local game developers to do the same. As now, the Indonesian game development field is nigh barren, local game developers still have a long way to go before being on par with the likes of many foreign game developers. Despite that, Agate thinks that this is only a single step forward, closer, to unearthing the potential of the game industry within Indonesia. Yet now, Agate sprouts a new chapter to the efforts of spreading joy and realizing dreams. 

As the crew of Agate believed they are now living their dreams of creating games and making the world a better, more fun place, they invite other youths of Indonesia to reclaim their lost dreams. The campaign #PemudaMeraihMimpi is an initiative brought on in the hopes to light the fire of youth amongst Indonesian citizens and spark hope to everyone. That their dreams are not lost so long as they continue to pursue it. You can also watch the video of the VA: HSS‘ development team interview below! 

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