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The next evolution of internet, the metaverse contains digital ecosystem where people can live, work, and play.

Our Belief in Metaverse

As the next evolution of the internet, we believe the Metaverse will be able to further our mission in bringing people together through time and space.

Since 2009, we’ve designed engaging experiences, built virtual worlds, and nurtured thriving communities for clients from all kinds of industries. And now we’re ready to help you fulfill all your Metaverse dreams.

With the world shifts to web3 and metaverse, there’s a huge growth opportunity for us to contribute to making it a positive and meaningful place. I believe the Metaverse should have a lot of fun in it and there is no company that can do it better than Agate. 

The metaverse is the next evolution of the internet that allows people to live, work, and play with a digital ecosystem. Focusing on Agate’s purpose in the Metaverse, it will enable our mission statement—to bring people together through meaningful play—even more.


VP of Enterprise Product

As a person who engages with corporate leaders from HR and Marketing, I believe sustainability matters. That’s why we need to get back to fundamental to navigate its core: utility. The utility of web3 and metaverse will sooner converge and change the way we live, play, work, and learn. 


The metaverse is the next evolution of the internet that allows people to live, work, and play within a digital ecosystem.

Metaverse Building Blocks

We have several building blocks that we adhere to in all of our metaverse projects. By striving to include those building blocks, we aim to achieve the full potential of the metaverse.

Social Play

Through an enhanced sense of presence, the metaverse enables social activities that are not limited by boundaries. Social-playing activity becomes the element that constantly brings unique experience and growth, providing a reason for users to stay.

Digital Ownership

Digital ownership that is enabled through persistent blockchain technology now justifies the amount of effort, time, and resources that users spend virtually in a metaverse as a method for self-expression.

Creator Economy

The Metaverse enables everyone to be a creator and sell their creations on the digital market. The borderless nature also makes collaboration easier than ever. It’s a great place to showcase your creativity to the world – and earn money doing it.

Immersive Technology

The Metaverse utilizes immersive technology to present a whole and authentic reality to explore. Wear a variety of digital items to express yourself and start your own unique journey in the vast world of the Metaverse.

What Metaverse Can Do


Interact and engage with your audience on a deeper level. Create unforgettable events and moments that will make you the talk of the Metaverse.


Create and collaborate with other creators worldwide. Showcase and sell your creations or use them to innovate digital experiences and make a name for yourself


Provide more accessible public services, conduct virtual tours, and create jobs in the digital economy sector. Engaging the populace and industries is easier than ever. 


Explore new forms of games, enjoy the robust community, and claim full ownership of your digital assets. Earn items from playing that you can use and trade throughout the Metaverse. 

Game Developer

Create assets, games, and experiences within the Metaverse. Game principles can be used to improve and retain user engagement, which is in high demand in the Metaverse.


Get directly involved in the co-ownership and governance of projects you believe in. Enjoy a greater synergy with your beneficiaries and shape your corner of the Metaverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

A metaverse game can take many shapes, from relaxing fishing simulators to fast-paced sci-fi shooters and anything in-between. The one thing that ties all metaverse games is its social play aspect. Metaverse games are designed with multiplayer capability, to allow for social activities that are both fun and meaningful.  

This focus on socialization is also conducive in nurturing creator-based economy, where users can create and sell content for other users, giving rise to a robust economy powered and secured by the blockchain technology. 

With its limitless possibility, we can assist you in developing the right metaverse game for your audience. 

Non-metaverse video games are typically made and owned by a video game company, with a closed and rigid ecosystem. For example, a sword that you have in a game can only be used inside that specific game. Additionally, most or all content are created and managed by the video game company, putting strict limits on what the players can do inside the game. 

Meanwhile, the ideal metaverse is defined by the openness of the ecosystem. As no one company can own the whole metaverse, people can create, own, and trade all content that they make. This freedom also allows everyone to build different experiences on the metaverse with various purposes (for example, to relax, to socialize, to compete, etc.) without limitations imposed on them.

Metaverse can have utilities in multiple scenarios in enterprise ecosystem, such as training, education, commerce, advertising, public services, manufacturing, and healthcare.  
For example, a bank might create a virtual space for their customers to try the various banking services for themselves in a more fun and interactive way, while a sports brand might choose to hold a virtual sport tournament for their customers.

Innovative brands are trying to make their presence in the metaverse as a branding effort to their current and future customers.  Brands needs to explore what value can be presented on the metaverse, to better serve the customers and empower the community. This bottom-up approach is believed to be the most sustainable impact for the community, therefore earning continuous engagement and loyalty. In the future, there might be enterprise roles, that are responsible for the metaverse strategy of the company. 

With our experience in building games and solutions across various platforms, audiences, and industries, we are equipped with the know-hows of building a practical and sustainable digital environment. Our work with the metaverse will be an extension of our game development expertise, instead of a risky venture into the unknown.

Yes, we can take the best parts of other games and put them together to make a wholly new game. However, this approach might not necessarily fulfil your business needs. Instead, we can arrange for our team of consultants to help figure out what you and your customers need. Based on our findings, we can then put together a list of features that would be most beneficial in meeting those needs.

No. While VR & AR are immersive technologies and crucial parts of the full metaverse experience, not all users have access to VR & AR devices yet. Therefore, many metaverse projects still utilize Web2 technologies such as mobile apps and web apps as primary gateways into the metaverse.

Not necessarily, depending on  the product direction. However, blockchain technology is crucial in ensuring the security and integrity of metaverse assets, while NFTs are a widely used form of asset ownership. Not using them would mean additional effort in tackling the technical challenges for your project and potentially alienating a significant portion of metaverse users.  

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