Marketing Manager Mobile Games


Marketing Manager Mobile Games is a strategic role responsible for marketing strategy, planning and execution of mobile games in Agate. He/she will lead a team of marketing executives to develop marketing plan for mobile games, execute, monitor and evaluate the execution to maximize return of marketing investment and help making the game a hit. He/she will also work with other team both inside and outside of Marketing department, such as Marketing Communication, Marketing Creative, Community Managers, Product Managers and CMO.


  • Lead the development of marketing strategy and planning for mobile games
  • Lead, analyze and evaluate the execution of the marketing plan
  • Coordinate with Product Managers to come up with best marketing strategy and planning and do continuous improvement
  • Coordinate with Marketing Communication and Creative team on conception of creative marketing contents and assets
  • Coordinate with Community Managers on game’s live operation to increase game profitability
  • Evaluate and keep up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, especially regarding mobile games and digital products
  • Manage and improve the performance of Marketing Management team by ensuring efficiency in daily operations and developing relevant system and procedures
  • Grow capability of Marketing Management team, both by growing existing talents and finding new talents


  • Must not currently active in school or college
  • Able to work full time at Agate HQ (in Bandung, Indonesia)


  • Experience on marketing strategy, planning and execution at scale for mobile games or tech products (more than $500k budget) in global market (especially US, Europe and South East Asia)
  • Strong analytical skill
  • Great communication skills, written and verbal, both in Indonesian and English
  • Great problem solving skills and able to work under pressure
  • Great leadership and management skill
  • Strong passion in mobile game industry
  • Able to learn quickly and passionately

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