Head of Data Analyst

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The Head of Data Analyst leads the data analytics team and oversees the activities of the junior personnel. In this role, he/she ensures that the business in its various divisions understands its own health, finds growth levers, and identifies opportunities for optimization. He/she leads the business through all efforts that drive business performance and potential by using the existent and new data sources and techniques.

The Head of Data Analyst additionally leads the data analytics team in the development of a departmental culture, policies, and strategy. The role will involve he/she getting his hands dirty and solving hard analytical problems for the business, reporting directly to the Head of Product Management.

  • Leadership/supervisory/support role: this role is first and foremost a leader within the department overseeing all activities of the data analytics.
  • Strategy: play a leading strategic role where he leads the data analytics and data warehousing departments in strategy development with regard to the collection, manipulation, and analysis of data for various business functions/departments such as marketing, sales, operations, among others. He/she also endeavors to create new data-driven approaches for the purpose of generating business insights through data analytics, information visualization, and addressing unanswered business issues in a proactive manner.
  • Analytics: play an analytical role where he/she develops and applies analytical algorithms and methods where possible with a view of driving and enhancing data systems and streamlining business processes. In this capacity, he/she strives to improve the quality of analytics solutions on a consistent basis. It is also the duty of the Head of Analytics to validate, interpret, and create reports and presentations for departmental heads/management, and relevant stakeholders.
  • Collaboration: this role is a highly collaborative role and, as such, facilitates joint brainstorming and team collaboration. The Head of Data Analytics works closely with Product Management department in establishing departmental goals and strategies. He additionally works with junior data analytics and data warehouse personnel in defining the data collection needs of the business for the purpose of future work and also for guaranteeing that there is high data-quality and reliability across the business. The Head of Data Analytics further collaborates with numerous departments across the business, aiding them in the proper use of data, hence, ensuring the delivery of desired operational results.
Administrative Requirements :
  • Must not currently active in school or college
  • Able to work full-time at Agate HQ (Bandung, Indonesia)

Requirements :

  • Have a background in data science, computer science, information technology, economics, information systems, statistic, applied math, business administration or any other related field. An equivalent of this requirement in working experience is also acceptable.
  • Must have at least 4 years of working experience as a data analyst, preferably working as a senior data analyst in a fast-paced business setting.
  • Excellent communication skills in both writing and verbal form. Able to communicate between different departments and divisions within the company, as well as creating engaging reports and presentations to stakeholders.
  • Computer skills: excellent in word/presentation processing tools, SQL, Tableau, or any other data visualisation tools.
  • Must demonstrate a passion for research and data, and be highly skilled in performing quantitative analyses on various business functions.
  • Must be proficient in the workings of data technologies.
  • Self-motivated, proactive, helpful, and service-oriented.
  • Have an ability to make strong, lasting, and meaningful connection with others. (People skill)


  • Having a master’s degree or Phd

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