Internship Game Programmer

**Internship program will be open again on March 2019**


If you love to be involved in all areas of game programming such as game logic, graphics, artificial intelligence, and user interface, then being a game programmer is the exact way to do it. Agate is opening an internship program if you wish to learn and get a hands-on experience in the Indonesian game industry.

General Requirement

  • Interns will have the chance to work as one of the Agate crews.
  • Available for the remote-working mode.
  • Internship period lasts for the minimum of 3 months.

Specific Requirement

  • Academic background of IT, Informatics, or Computer Science.
  • Accustomed to one of the following programming languages (C++, C#, Java).
  • Preferably with at least an experience of developing a video game.