Narrative Designer


  • Work with the Developer team to develop the pipeline and processes to integrate the procedural narrative systems and content into the game.
  • Collaborate with designers and artists to build Characters, Locations, Quests, and in-game Lore that tell coherent, emotionally resonant stories.
  • Develop and maintain world bibles, character backstories, and lore documents for the project.
  • Create and maintain design documents to share ideas, concepts, and design specifications in helpful, clear formats.
  • Work with artists in order to create arts, embodying your vision of the Story, and draw up technical specifications for artists.
  • Work with the Audio team on the evaluation and integration of tools around procedural dialogue, presentations, narrative, and performance.
  • Partner with game designers to create new methods of generating narrative through game mechanics and help drive the vision for world spaces, ecologies, and theming of game systems.
  • Design and implement triggers for story-based events.
  • Participate in prototyping and testing efforts to prove-out narrative gameplay systems, story beats, pacing, comprehension, and player satisfaction.


  • Min 1 year of experience in game designing or writing for games.
  • A passion for characters, worldbuilding, and innovative storytelling.
  • An excellent understanding of narrative systems and structures.
  • Strong writing and editing skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and adapt to feedback, design, and scope changes throughout development.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills (in Indonesia and English),
  • Strong planning and documentation skills.
  • Strong, independent problem-solving and time-management skills.
  • The ability to explain complex narrative topics to other departments and partners.
  • Self-sufficient and resourceful.
  • Able to identify and work within technical constraints.


  • Publicly released projects (books, games, television, comics).
  • Knowledge related to Metaverse
  • An avid gamer, with knowledge of current industry trends with regard to narrative and storytelling.
  • Experience with scripting languages or basic computer programming.
  • Study diploma in one of the following: Computer science, multimedia, computer graphics, video game design, or equivalent.

What you get while working with us…

  • Compensation and Benefits: Competitive rewards (based on your competencies), THR or holiday allowance, software & hardware to support tasks, free lunch & coffee (WFO) or internet reimbursement (WFH), and insurance coverage (BPJS Tenaga Kerja & Kesehatan).
  • Flexibility & time off: Semi-flexible working hours and Replace Work Hour system.
  • Paid Overtime: We did not condone and encourage Crews to work overtime, but your overtime will be paid fairly if it’s unavoidable.
  • Annual & Paid Leave: paid leave (sick leave, menstrual, marriage, maternity, mourning, etc.) and annual leave a day every month from the first month you’ve joined
  • Claim Unused Leave: if the annual leave is not used during the one year, you can cash it out at end of the year.
  • Learning & Development: Work with experts in the games industry, provide learning materials, mentoring & coaching programs, knowledge sharing sessions, continuous feedback, and recognitions.
  • Career growth: You could apply for promotions and raise, flexibility to change roles, and job security (early permanent contract/PKWTT).
  • Well-being and many more: regularly check and maintain well-being and reduce burnout risks, internal events and team-building activities, information transparency, and company-wide inclusivity.

Important Note
Every applicant must send portfolio in digital format or link to your portfolio website. Please state the year of creation in each of your portofolio or portofolio website.

If the "Apply Now" button is not working, please directly apply to

Important Note

If the "Apply Now" button is not working, please directly apply to

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