Art Director


  • Define, hold, and drive artistic vision in line with the overall product direction
  • Create a unified and consistent visual style for art team to follow
  • Drive the creation of art and ensure that a unified vision is maintained and that artists have clear benchmark for asset production
  • Lead the delivery of high-quality art assets within technical and production constrains
    Find balance between artistic aspects and technical constraints
  • Be an active mentor and role model for the art team. Work to maintain morale and create an atmosphere of creativity and enthusiasm
  • Keep informed about latest advances in game art technique and technology
  • Participate in recruitment to build art team & foster their growth.


  • Able to create and maintain a strong artistic vision
  • Able to interpret needs and wants towards the creation of a unique artistic vision
  • Proven with excellent leadership experience in video game industry, 2 years of Art Direction/Art Lead experience, especially in stylized art
  • Good Knowledge of Photoshop and 3D software (we primarily use Blender in Agate); Have the ability to suggest improvements and revise work done by others if necessary with excellent artistic judgement
  • Understanding of art fundamentals, artistic culture and art history
  • Great communication and presentation skills, combined with a positive attitude; Have natural curiosity and creativity with the ability to explore new ideas and learn from others
  • Thorough understanding of art outsourcing pipelines, art team output capacities and technical constraints related to game engines
  • Strong ability in writing documentation and applying it for art production


Able to drive a strong adoption & execution of cross-product or company-wide art direction

What you get while working with us…

In addition to competitive remuneration and extensive benefits we offer:

  • Standard Package: competitive rewards, religious holiday allowance (THR), and insurance coverage (BPJS Tenaga Kerja, BPJS Kesehatan, private insurance*).
  • Device and software: capable devices and relevant software licenses to support our high-performance team
  • State of the art office space: with facilities to support the collaboration of over 300 Crews, amenities like gym and tatami room, and additional perks like free lunch & coffee, shuttle services.
  • Work hour flexibility: each team can arrange their own WFO schedules, with semi-flexible working hour and replacement hours.
  • Paid overtime: we do not condone nor encourage overtime, but we will offer fair hourly compensation should overtime is needed
  • Annual, special paid leave, and claimable: in addition to the regular paid leave, we have paid leave for special occasions (paid sick leave, menstrual leave, marriage leave, maternity and paternity leave, bereavement leave, etc). Every February, Crews can also cash out their unused annual leave from the previous year.
  • Learning and development: mentoring by experts in the game industry or respective fields; premium access to learning materials, regular knowledge sharing sessions, plus tailored personal development plan.
  • Career growth transparency: our culture provides room for Crews to grow indefinitely based on continuous feedback and recognition, with fair promotions, raises, and role transition to help our Crews reach their full potential.
  • Job security: high-performing talents could get a fast-track to a permanent employment contract (PKWTT)
  • Well-being programs: regular wellbeing check-ups, internal team-building activities, and company-wide events to maintain our Crews’ mental health and reduce burn-out risks.


*Limited benefit for grade 5+ non-trainee

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