VFX Artist

Responsibilities Create, design, and implement various real-time special effects that will help players understand and add atmosphere to our game’s gameplay. Maintain the balance between visual satisfaction and gameplay clarity to ensure the intended effects are accurately representing the given action or state. Create aesthetically astounding visual effects that communicate essential game information and capture the […]

Technical Artist

Responsibilities Create & customize shader, post-process, or rendering pipeline to achieve product’s art direction needs Create & customize in-engine animation rigs/simulations, animation states & behaviors, and physics materials to achieve product’s art direction needs Develop tools to help author and manage high quality and quantity of art assets Help optimize art assets and visual features […]

Senior Game Designer

Responsibilities Plan and design game systems, controls, interfaces, narrative, level, and mechanics that align with design pillars. Work collaboratively with fellow designers, artists, producers, and programmers to concept and deliver the intended experience. Communicate design decisions to relevant stakeholders. Gather user’s feedback to improve their experience. Requirements Minimum 3 years of related work experience, either […]

Game Programmer

Responsibilities Involved in all areas of game programming, such as game logic, graphics, artificial intelligence, user interface, and backend service. Collaborate with artists, designers, and programmers to achieve the objectives of game design with the development of game mechanics. Write and maintain clean and high quality code. Support and contribute new ideas to game design. […]