Creative Production Assistant – Indonesia Game Developer

Responsibilities Manage digital asset graphic, audio visual, and metadata for the production team Ensure work according to the timeline and dateline Archive and sync datasets and files for optimal performance Suggest improvements for all deliveries as identified Answer queries and communications through chat, call or email Carry out necessary administrative duties as required Perform clerical […]

3D Artist – Indonesia Game Developer

Responsibilities Create game ready 3D models and their textures Collaborate with fellow artists, team leads, tech and design teams to produce 3D assets & integrate them to final playable product Collaborate with fellow artists to create game ready rigs & animations Validate & assess fellow 3D artist’s work Requirements First-hand knowledge & practical experience of […]

Lead Designer – Indonesia Game Developer

As a lead designer in Agate, you will be leading a team of designers working at a product in pre-production or production phase. Responsibilities In brief, your responsibility is to create an engaging and clear experience alongside your development team for the users. Day-to-day, your activities might look like these: Understand the user’s needs and […]

UI/UX Artist – Indonesia Game Developer

Responsibilities Creating low fidelity wireframe and sketches to iterate early ideas for UI/UX layout, flow of information and interface states Create high fidelity wireframe and UI elements for use in game engine or web app. Research, prototype and design how users interact with our products with other artists and designers. Work together with other team […]

Senior Game Programmer – Indonesia Game Developer

As a Senior Game Programmer, you will manage overall code development processes across the game and supports the technical leads by designing and documenting the architecture of the games developed. You will be expected to manage a team of programmers and trains them to improve their technical skills. As a Senior Game Programmer, you will […]

Game Animator – Indonesia Game Developer

Responsibilities Create game ready 3D animations for characters, environments/props, and VFX Create game ready rigs for 3D models Collaborate with fellow team members to produce in-game cinematic Integrate & setup game animation data in game engine Collaborate with fellow artists, team leads, tech and design teams to produce believable characters & creatures Requirements First-hand knowledge […]

Technical Artist – Indonesia Game Developer

Responsibilities Create & customize shader, post-process, or rendering pipeline to achieve product’s art direction needs Create & customize in-engine animation rigs/simulations, animation states & behaviors, and physics materials to achieve product’s art direction needs Develop tools to help author and manage high quality and quantity of art assets Help optimize art assets and visual features […]

Lead Artist – Indonesia Game Developer

We are looking for an experienced artist with good leadership skill. Responsibilities Lead the delivery of high-quality art assets within direction, technical and production constrains Manage productivity & responsibility assignment within art team Find balance between artistic aspects and technical constraints Share responsibilities of defining, documenting, and maintaining artistic vision of the product together with […]

Management Trainee – Indonesia Game Developer

Descriptions A management trainee will be prepared for management positions through heavy involvement in projects related with senior management roles. Contains plenty of on-the-job training & projects, the role will challenge and let you experience diverse opportunities in a game start-up company, which expands your knowledge, skills, and network. Given the nature of the role, […]

Senior Data Analyst – Indonesia Game Developer

A Senior Data Analyst reports directly to Head of Data. He also works directly with stakeholders and the business’s top management and executives within the assigned departments. A Senior Data Analyst will develop business solutions through the constant modification of the existing business intelligence solutions. He must oversees and conducts the conversion of data into […]