If you’re looking for an opportunity to be creative and resourceful while bringing improvements and joys to users, then our Marketing, Sales & Ops might be a great place to be! 


With Agate’s wide breadth of cutting-edge solutions and services, comes a need to properly introduce each end every one of them to the market. That’s where Marketing comes in. 

We provide our industry awareness, deep marketing knowhow, and pure elbow grease to ensure that our offerings are not only known throughout the realm, but also that they are fully utilized to bring maximum happiness.  

In short, we hunt the most precious bounty: connections. 

We maintain our tools of the trade by keeping up to date with the latest industry trends. We listen to the winds of change and track the most elusive and precious targets. We nurture mutually beneficial and long-term bonds with external parties — government, the media, organizations, and more. If the hunt excites you, you are welcome to join the call.

What does it take to join MSO Department?

Building a community is the ultimate goal of our products, and is the main focus of our crew members in the Marketing, Sales & Ops Department. Constantly providing contents, doing continuous improvement, and creating engagement, they make sure our users get a sense of togetherness and belonging. They are expected to have an understanding of users’ wants and needs, and go above and beyond to fulfil them. 




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Promoting fun, engaging, and creative content across social media platforms, Seruni is a creative social media agency based in Bandung, Indonesia. Since its inception in 2016, Seruni has successfully leveraged creative content across social media platforms to highlight the key message and brand persona of various national and multinational clients.