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If you’re looking to contribute your ideas and see it comes to life, work hands-on with fellow creative mind, and explore numerous possibilities in the field of writing or design, a role in the Design & Writing Department might be just for you.


In the Design and Writing Department, we supported the creative journey of designers and writers by defining various career paths for each role, providing resources to references and lectures, and advising innovation & creative processes for different products and teams in Agate. We catered to each designer and writer through a personalized approach, and offer customized support, services, and career path according to their professional goals.    

What does it take to join DW Department?

Good design and writing are the very core of our products. Our team of writers and designers is responsible for coming up with ideas and turning them into understandable guidelines for other teams to build on. Designers and writers are expected to be creative, yet systematic in their approach to ideation. They also have to be a great communicator who can describe their vision in a clear, understandable manner. 


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Contract Type : Regular Crew
Contract Type : Regular Crew
Contract Type : Regular Crew

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