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Tech whizzes, ground-breaking creatives, and business professionals — Agate is a diverse team of talents who work together to craft a meaningful play experience.

Life at Agate


Learn more about the values and principles we hold in Agate, and see if it matches your need. 

Flexible working arrangement? Menstrual Leave? See what our crews get beyond the remuneration package.

Learn more about the programs we host to support and develop our crew members.

Recruitment Flow

In Agate, we keep our recruitment process simple and ghosting-free. We will be updating you about your application status every step of the way. 

*Recruitment flow can be change based on condition/needs

Application Form
Technical Test
HR Interview
Psychological and Personality Test
User Interview
Offering Stage
Contract Signing
+/- 15 Mins
+/- 3 Hours
+/- 30 Mins
+/- 3 Hours
+/- 45 Mins

Guild / Division

In Agate, we have role-specific communities for knowledge-sharing, discussion, and brainstorming. In guilds, UX writers can learn from story writers, 2D artists could brainstorm together with 3D artists, despite being from different teams/products.


Are you a student or fresh graduate, looking for work experience? Come work with professionals of the game industry at Agate! 


Talent's News

Post Lima
Post Empat
Post Tiga
Post Dua
Post Satu
Contract Type
Contract Type : Internship
Marketing Sales & Operation
Contract Type : Regular Crew
Contract Type : Regular Crew
Contract Type : Regular Crew
Contract Type : Internship
Contract Type : Regular Crew

Recruitment Flow Details

To get the latest information about Job Opening in Agate, please visit our Career page. If you are interested in some of our Job Openings, please apply through the “Apply” button or s.agate.id/career.

Don’t forget to prepare your latest CV and portfolio!

First, fill out the form at s.agate.id/career. On this stage, we will be asking you about your identity and educational background. Be sure to have your CV and portfolio ready!
Our Talent team will assess your application, and will be informing you about the status of your application in 10 working days. Be sure to check your email regularly!
If you pass the screening phase, we will invite you to do a technical test. In this stage, we will be asking you to do several tasks to measure your technical expertise and potential. The peers and leads of the applied role will be reviewing your answers. The review will take about 5 working days.
If you pass the technical test, we’ll send you an invitation for an HR Interview. On this stage, we’d like to get to know more about you. Tell us about yourself and let us know about your career goals.
After the HR Interview, we will invite you to do an online behavioral assessment via email to find out about your cultural fit. You’ll need to complete the test within 3 days after the email was sent, and we’ll be in touch in 10 working days to give you an update.
If you pass the HR Interview, we’ll send you an invitation to the User Interview. In this stage, you will be discussing role-specific stuff with your potential lead and teammates.
Once you finished all of the stages, we will be reviewing your results. If you reach this stage, congrats! It means we're excited to have you on our crew, and we’ll be discussing the terms of employment with you shortly.
After both sides agreed on the offering, we will invite you to “Registration Day”. In Registration Day you will get a brief explanation about our policies, and sign the employment contract.
In this final stage, you’re officially a part of the team!


  • If you fail to reply to our emails, we will presume that you withdraw your application. Feel free to let us know if you have difficulties in the process, and we will work it out with you.
  • If you fail to submit your technical test after the time limit, we will presume that you withdraw your application. 
  • You can for updates on your recruitment progress by sending an email to career@agate.id 
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