Design & Creative

Within this department, everyone is expected to think creatively and out of the box to create solutions best fit for the problems at hand.
The challenge here is, that each and every problem and predicament is always unique unto themselves and requires different as well as equally unique solutions to solve. To gain the best solution for each situation, we have to go deep and analyze it thoroughly. We must also conduct cross-disciplinary actions as we require our skills in technique, artistry, game design, and even psychology to ensure that solution we create is truly the best.

For example is the most commonly recurring similar problem is, “How do we make this mundane task becoming a fun and engaging experience?” More than often to do that, we would need research results from the psychological aspect and even philosophy of good game design.

We cannot emphasize enough the need to think outside the box here. Because to work in this department, it also means you cannot simply depend on a single skill. You must as well learn the many different things necessary to fulfill our tasks. However, the good side here is that with each second spent learning, you can be sure that it is a second well-spent. Who knows, maybe learning more might actually help you complete the initial requirement. And that is: to think outside the box.