Creating World’s Happiness

Being a part of something bigger actually comes from a single small step. In our case, we recognize that in order to create more happiness in the world, we should first start within ourselves. Through games, we craft our own happiness in hopes to inspire others.

With over 150 crews lining up in our squad today, Agate has come a long way since it was first established in 2009, and we believe that it will go even further. We at Agate believe that each of us, while special on our own, can strive for a greater single purpose. We are keen to continuously growing, without forgetting to enjoy the journey.

Being an Agate crew is all about passion, forward-thinking, togetherness and most importantly, fun! We are a group that treasures our work as much as we treasure each other. Bringing in both familial bond-like teamwork to further our products and fun process along the way.