Shieny Aprilia

Chief Executive Officer

Agate’s evolution from a rag-tag band of game makers to a fully-fledged corporate entity would have been impossible without Shieny Aprilia’s involvement.

She co-founded Agate in 2009 as a programmer, but she would also handle the matters of game production, finance, and human resources. She would step up for the of Chief Operating Officer in 2010. Shieny’s tactical approach to operations would motivate her to learn more about the inner workings of a business, and so she would take on several roles in Agate.

She became the Vice President of Enterprise Business in 2017 and Chief Marketing Officer in 2018, before once again taking the responsibility as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2019. Shieny’s leadership as COO would be a pivotal factor in Agate’s rebound through the pandemic, where she would navigate the company through a slump and into recovery. 

Starting in June 2022, she leads Agate as the Chief Executive Officer, owing to her experience in managing all aspects of Agate and her first-hand expertise in the video game industry. She aims to reinforce Agate’s position as a dependable video game and game-based solution developer for the emerging era of web3 and beyond. She envisions the future Agate as a provider of meaningful experience for millions of players around the world. 


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