In the evolving gaming world, people of all ages will now be more interested in choosing games of the highest quality, attractive, and running without any lag. To get to the best gaming world you can see today, there is a massive involvement of the Quality Assurance team or more commonly known as QA. QA is the division responsible for the suitability of a product with the expectations of its consumers. As a QA team, you will test the game in depth and ensure that the game can be really quality, engaging, and run well without any problems before being released to the public.

If you have a knack for quality assurance and want to make your passion for games into a career, you can think about looking for work as a Quality Assurance. Agate is opening vacancies for Quality Assurance roles to join our ranks. So are you ready to take part and transcribe your visions?

Get to know Cristy

Cristy is Agate’s Head of Production. She had been working in game development production for over 5 years. In her career path, she worked in game production and QA before eventually advancing to her current role as Head of Production. Cristy would love to share three epic tips on what users are looking for in a QA role.

  • Think critically. In QA, you should be able to think like a costumer and find the reason why they think a certain way
  • Stay curious. Explore everything, try everything out, and consider everything in the game you’re reviewing.
  • Be conscientious––or have keen eyes. Make sure you didn’t miss anything, because small mistakes may lead to a big failure

Want to apply those mindsets to your career? Agate is hiring! Visit our page on https://agate.id/career/ for available roles and positions.

Vacancy On Production Departement

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Contract Type : Full-time
Finance, Corporate and Legal
Contract Type : Full-time
Finance, Corporate and Legal
Contract Type : Full-time
Contract Type : Full-time