Valthirian Arc : Red Covenant

Since March last year, our game Valthirian Arc : Red Covenant is successfully funded in $30.000.

Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant is the latest iteration of the-award-winning-series “Valthirian Arc”, that is already played by millions of users (search It’s a fantasy school simulator with Action-RPG Style battle, where, not like any other RPGs, develop your school with exciting facilities and send your students to challenging missions, all to shape them up to become the heroes of Valthiria.


Game Features:

School simulation: Expand your academy with wide choices of classrooms and unique facilities to attract more students and strengthen your force. Manage your resources well and plan your Academy wisely!


Students: As your academy grows, more students will come and enroll. Train them, appoint them to tend your classes, or send them on various quests. Promote your students to higher tier of job classes. Start out as tier one Apprentice, and evolve to a full-fledged tier three Paladin, Medica, or Arc Draconis! There are ten options of job classes to master, spread into three tiers.


Battle System: Take control of one student in the party to fight enemies in Real-Time Combat System! Find and engage enemies as you see fit, or strategically place your students for the most efficient battle, because each student has their own role in the battlefield!


Story: Immerse yourself in a deep lore of Valthiria! A war to inherit the throne is happening in the land, while nobody realized that a mysterious northern nation is slowly invading Valthiria. Nobody, except you and your academy. Use this power to decide the future of Valthiria.


Behind the Scene :

Not only Valthirian Arc needs a strongly-defined storyline, it also needs an eye-catching graphic display and interface to support the well-crafted storyline. In this first part of Agate Academy Interview Series, Beatrice Nauli or better known as Bea, will share the insight of her role as the Game Artist, specifically the production of Valthirian Arc.

As one of Agate’s founders, Bea has been around since the studio was only consisted of not more than 20 people. Since the beginning, she was always been the Generalist Game Artist who has been involved in more than 10 game productions.




Hi, Bea! First of all, would you please explain us about your work in Agate and your specific role in the production of Valthirian Arc?

As the Generalist Game Artist, I handled a various range of graphical works, such as GUI (Graphical User Interface), 3D modeling, texturing, creating the animation, even sometimes exporting to designing the visual effect and shade. Specifically for Valthirian Arc II, I created the animation, the characters’ sprite, and the visual effect, while for the ongoing creation of Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant, I create the characters’ and environment model, animation, effect, and texture, as well as the GUI.

According to your experience, what kind of skill and knowledge that are needed to become a Game Artist?

Being a generalist means you have to eagerly learn to be the Jack of all trades. You have to grasp some of this and some of that. Specifically as a Generalist Game Artist, you have to be able to draw, to create animation, understand the base of 3D modeling, well-versed in designing to create a decent GUI, and of course to master all the graphical tools. In order to master everything, you have to possess a very high patience and determination.

Talking about tools, what do you usually use to support your day to day work?

I use Photoshop for 2D drawing, Blender for 3D modeling, and Unity.

Do you have any tips and trick for those who aspire to be a Game Artist?

The key is persistence, thus giving up easily is not allowed. In addition to that, you also need to read a lot more. May it be book or article, simply everything about game. If you want to start creating a game, find people close to you with the same vision, partners to complete your skill, then go ahead and create it! Brace new knowledge, experience, and hobby in order to enrich yourself which can lead to a better content creation and sophisticated game making.