Highlight Game

We will highlight some of our game :


1. Valthirian Arc : Red Covenant

Have you ever wondered where all the powerful knights and wizards came from?
No one is born heroes. It is your job, as the principal of The Academy of Might and Magic, to train and bring the best out of your young apprentices.
This is what Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant is about. Raise your academy to glory, and guide your students to the adventures of their lifetime!

Type : 3D Game
Platform : Not Revealed Yet


2. Sahabat Anak Sholeh

Sahabat anak Sholeh is Education Game that make any children feel a pleasant experience in studying Islam,

This game is special because
• SAFE FOR CHILDREN because it is free of ads and negative content that might accidentally be seen by children..
• 100 ++ MINI GAMES ISLAMIC EDUCATION ranging from ordinances prayer, ablution, hijaiyah letter recognition and much more children learn.
• Provided ACCOMPANYING APPLICATION to monitor all activities of children when using our applications, so that Parents can supervise Islamic learning through application, anywhere, anytime.

Sahabat Anak Sholeh Equipped with Two Packages options : Al Batani dan Al Farabi

Type : 2D Game
Platform : Android


3. Dungeon Chef

Follow adventures to be Master Chef in Dungeon Chef simulation. Defeat and cook monster for your yummy cuisine and be Legendary Chef!

Type : 2D Game
Platform : Android, iOS


4. Love Spice
Find your love and choose the right guy. Make a move and winning his heart!

Type : 2D Game
Platform : Android, iOS