Redefining BTL Activation with the Google Cardboard

At the second quarter of 2015, Google introduced a new way to experience 3D VR (Virtual Reality), Google Cardboard. What is so special about the cardboard? The answer is the price. Wearable headset to experience VR hype started around year 2012 when Oculus Rift’s development kit successfully funded at Kickstarter. Since then, many tech companies want to become the leader in such technologies.


More than three notable technology companies create devices to claim the title: Morpheus by Sony, Steam HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Razer OSVR, Microsoft Hololens, and so on. Yet, there comes the price with the trend stays around USD 350. Then the Google cardboard arrives, offering VR experience with just 20 bucks and your smartphone.


However as price cannot lie, the Google cardboard has its own disadvantages. Dubs with the following name of cardboard, it is literally made of cardboard, thus not water, or in this case would be highly likely sweat, resistance and limited VR interaction.


It may be a concern how the device seems no different with a child’s toy for hardcore gamers. In spite of the issue, the price tag can be an advantage in terms of widespread use for the marketing purpose, also some of disadvantages can be turned into powerful marketing tools.

How it can be done?

  1. The price of 20 bucks is far cheaper than its competitors. Therefore, it can be a sensible idea as an on-ground or BTL promotional device since the possibility of technical problem might not be avoided. Also, you can provide several of it to attract and engage audience and is still friendlier to your pocket.
  1. Made from cardboard makes this cheap device is printable and customisable. If on some occasions this cardboard becomes a merchandise your customers can have, they will be exposed to your brand every time they use it, hence a tactical brand awareness.


  1. The single button of the cardboard may be a great help for a various segmentation of your target customer. It will simplify the use of your 3D immersive advertising through the device and still give your customer a new sense of experience.


With this new and low-cost device, your BTL marketing playground will be attracting and expanding. It will create a brand new and unique experience for your costumer, and will get your competitor kicked out of your league.