Students and Freshgraduates

Students and Freshgraduates


Chase your dreams with Agate!

Agate wishes to bring the opportunity to any student or fresh graduate that wishes to contribute to advancing the game industry within Indonesia. By opening application for student internship and jobs for fresh graduate, we hope that it will be the key you need to open the door to the future of Indonesian gaming industry.

Indonesia is a country with one of the biggest game market in the world. However, it is unfortunately still lacking within the game development side of things. Especially from those natives to this country. Only about 1% of market values are of that local developers. And that’s why Agate invites you now to help us fight to bring those values upward.

We believe that with the culture you will experience within Agate, it will give birth to the rise of great talents in this professional industry. That, by developing the younger minds, we also develop the future needed for this industry.

We also believe that a hands-on experience will not only enhance the skill set you have acquired beforehand but also open the door to a wider expertise in the game industry. And we certainly welcome you to take your first step in the industry with us.

We would love if you are able to enjoy yourself here, while you help us make others enjoy our games. That, it will hopefully spread joy throughout the world.