Junior 3D Artist

We are currently opening a vacancy for 3D Artist to help us create our next mobile game flagship title.


  • Collaborate with team to create high quality 3D Art and Animation that fulfill the requirements of the project’s game and visual design.
  • Develop visual concepts and ideas
  • Support team in game design

Administrative Requirements

  • This is a fulltime position, not a part-time, so you can’t do other work such as freelance or other contract works.
  • This is an onsite position, which means that you are required to work in our in Bandung, there a no posibility for remote work.


  • A gamer, your passion for videogames is what drove you to the industry
  • Are fluent using 3D software(3dsmax,maya,blender,etc) and 2D software(photoshop,etc)
  • Capable of independently creating concept sketches and final renderings/ tweaks and animation
  • Passionate to explore new 3D workflow and pipeline to achieve the best and efficient result
  • Had knowledge and experience in 3D game development project is a big plus


If you are interested, send us an application via, don’t forget to attach your CV and link your portfolio url.


Make sure your portfolio includes:

  1. Beautiful Pose, Final Rendered Model, Wireframe 3D Model and Texture
  2. Animation demo that show your best animation skill(In video format)
  3. Please include your best 2D art (illustration,concept, texture)

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